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Who Needs Some SharePoint Basics?

Tag, you’re it; you are now a SharePoint Site Owner.  Or, Congratulations, you just inherited a SharePoint site.  There are many different ways of becoming a new Site Owner, but the honor doesn’t always come with orientation, a guide book, or instructions.   So what are you really the proud owner of, what does the responsibility include, and what can you do with your new powers?

I created the video below to help provide some guidance and give you a jump start with some SharePoint basics.  Knowing the basics is also important so you can get the most from CorasWorks.  In less than an hour we’re only able to scratch the surface, but I’ll get you to the starting line on the road to success with SharePoint and CorasWorks.   

The list below provides an overview of the lesson objectives and the video includes a table of contents for easy navigation.  Be sure to share it with others in a similar situation or provide feedback to training@corasworks.net.  

  • The definitions for key SharePoint terms
  • How to easily access information
  • How to work with the SharePoint Ribbon
  • How to customize the navigation
  • How to modify a page layout
  • How to create new web pages
  • How to modify and customize views of information
  • How to modify lists with customized columns
  • How to create new lists and libraries
  • How to add web parts to a page
  • How to add pictures to a site
  • How to add and modify content
  • How to drive business process

Tips for viewing the video:  Placing your cursor over the bottom of the player displays controls to pause, increase/decrease volume, or view in full screen mode.  Use the video’s table of contents to navigate to specific topics of interest.  Clicking outside the video area collapses the table of contents.

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CorasWorks Essentials Training

What’s covered in the Distance Learning?

As the training guy at CorasWorks you can imagine I’m often asked “What’s in the training?”  I’m always happy to have a detailed conversation with customers to help align the training topics with what you’re trying to accomplish.  However I created a short video introduction for the CorasWorks Essentials training to help answer the question.

The video is 11 minutes long, however the viewer includes a table of contents so you skip to desired topics.  The table of contents includes:

  • Introduction
  • How we work
  • Reduce Barriers to Productivity
  • SharePoint the Platform
  • CorasWorks Value
  • CorasWorks Value Continuum
  • End User Enablement
  • Configuring Data Displays and Actions
  • CorasWorks Grids
  • CorasWorks Charts
  • CorasWorks Calendars
  • CorasWorks Actions
  • The Application Layer
  • Business Process
  • Distributed Process
  • Do More, Work Less
  • Extending and Enhancing Sites and Applications
  • Exercise Manual
  • Ongoing Support and Education

Tips for viewing the video:  Hovering your mouse over the bottom of the player provides controls to pause, increase/decrease volume, or view in full screen mode.


In addition to the Basic Components, the distance learning provides an introduction to the Advanced Components through a series of six self-paced modules:

  • Module 1 – v11 Advanced Components and Training Overview
  • Module 2 – Implementing an External Data Provider (EDP)
  • Module 3 – Implementing an EDP with Web Services
  • Module 4 – Implementing a Workplace Lookup
  • Module 5 – Implementing a Basic CorasWorks Grid Display
  • Module 6 – Implementing an Advanced Grid Display Adapter

A written outline, course schedule, and registration can be accessed from the Training & Education page under the Services tab of the CorasWorks website.  You can always email info@corasworks.net for pricing or general questions.

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