About Eric Baughman

Eric Baughman is the Director of Training and Education for CorasWorks. He is responsible for driving CorasWorks’ commitment to its customers, and the broader business community, helping to educate the market on the many capabilities, applications, and benefits of the CorasWorks software and SharePoint platform. Eric joined CorasWorks in September 2004 as the Product Manager in charge of the CorasWorks Workplace Suite.  As Product Manager, Eric helped deliver four major releases of the product.  Eric has also delivered hands-on workshops and training courses across North America, training hundreds of participants on how to build business solutions on top of the Microsoft SharePoint platform using CorasWorks software.

Eric has over 20 years of professional experience, with more than 12 years working in technology training and education.  His experience with SharePoint dates back to the initial version of SharePoint Portal Server and Team Services. Eric earned a Bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College.

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