Getting started with CorasWorks

New to CorasWorks?  Let us help you or your employees get started by learning what’s available and what’s possible from CorasWorks.  Anyone who manages a site, builds applications, or owns a business process should have this information.

Below is a collection of links to previous blog posts and videos to help guide you on your path to success.

What does CorasWorks do?  An overview of CorasWorks and apps on SharePoint (Blog/Video).

    • The CorasWorks Cure for Average Joe (Blog/Video)

It can be as simple as 1…2…3 -  Using CorasWorks Widgets (Video)

It can be as sophisticated as a complete application:

      • Buy it- examples of preconfigured applications from CorasWorks:
      • Build it - an example of a processed based application:
        • Getting Things Done application example (Blog/Video)
      • Have us build it with you or for you:
        • An Interview with CorasWorks Professional Services (Blog/Video)

Learn the CorasWorks software - The education and training options (Blog/Video)

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