Education Options: Prescriptive, Ad Hoc, Shoulder-to-Shoulder

The old adage ”one size doesn’t fit all” certainly applies to CorasWorks training.   It’s important to understand various delivery options in order to select the one that best meets your needs.  We try to simplify the many choices by breaking them down into three categories:

  1. Prescriptive -  Do you need a structured curriculum that includes a clear path and instructor facilitation?  The CorasWorks prescriptive options are best represented by our Distance Learning, Self-Paced Training, and Instructor-Led Onsite training.
  2.  Ad Hoc -  The self-service approach via ad-hoc learning can take a variety of forms.  Hopefully you’re learning through our various blog posts like From the Classroom, however other ad hoc choices include our community forums, the Platform Learning Center, documentation, or even CorasWorks support (
  3. Shoulder-to-Shoulder learning is a process that transfers knowledge between CorasWorks Professional Services (PS) and our customers via an active engagement.  The goal of our PS team is to not simply do the work for you, but to also help you understand the capabilities and techniques they used to get you there.  This approach enables you to better support the solutions and address future needs.

Whether you’re time constrained, resource constrained, or budget constrained, you should always have learning options to meet your unique and/or changing requirements.  Feel free to discuss your particular needs with our training staff by contacting us at or (703) 797-1881 ext. 110.

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