Boost your Productivity – An Interview with CorasWorks PS

Learn about the various “productivity busters” our CorasWorks Professional Services (PS) team encounters in the field.  Then hear about the “productivity boosters” we implement in response.  Below is a video in which I talk with Steve Evangelista, an experienced CorasWorks trainer and member of our PS team.  We talk about:

  • His experience and role in educating and working with our customers, including the types of customers he works with.
  •  His solutions – The common productivity busters our customers encounter, and the productivity boosters he’s put in place to address needs including: reporting, business process, work management, application integration, and more.
  • His blended approach to customer independence and what makes customers successful with a “do-it-yourself” builder strategy in conjunction with CorasWorks PS.
  • His engagement process – How Steve and CorasWorks PS engage with customers to get them started on their path to productivity.

Tips for viewing the video:  Hovering your mouse over the bottom of the player provides controls to pause, increase/decrease volume, or view in full screen mode.  Use the video’s table of contents to navigate to specific topics of interest.  Clicking outside the video area collapses the table of contents.

Email for more information or to arrange a convesation with our PS team.


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  1. Michael Friedenberg says:

    Great job guys – very well done…

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