You Don’t Need to be a Project Guy…

…to manage projects in SharePoint.

Confessions of a non-project guy

I’m not a project manager, and I’m not in IT, but like most of my readers I have project type work.  I too traditionally managed this work in an ad hoc fashion with spreadsheets, email, static weekly reports, and other manually intensive activities.  And yes, I’ve missed a deadline.  And yes, I’ve produced work that I knew could have been better.

What’s a non-project guy to do? 

When CorasWorks came out with a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution a few years ago I saw it as a product for users who had a Project Manager title, or a PMO role.  Not true, or at least only partially true.

The deep functionality and flexibility of the CorasWorks PPM meets the needs for those schooled or skilled in project and portfolio management.  However, what about the rest of us?  Well, we need to face the fact that we manage projects, and look at the flexibility of tools like the CorasWorks PPM to help us meet our goals and objectives and make life easier.

How can you tell if you’re a project manager? 

You’re probably a project manager if two or more of the following apply:

You have goals, and those goals break down into a series of tasks and subtasks that need to be delivered in a certain timeframe.  A goal may translate to one or more projects that are made up of task and sub-task deliverables.  Project guys would consider the sum of those tasks a “schedule.”

You encounter challenges, which in the project world could be considered risks.  If those risks aren’t addressed they become issues.  And if issues are mitigated, they can impact the quality of your work, costs, and/or on time delivery.

You work on teams and cross functionally.  There are people you count on to help you get work done. These folks are essentially Project Members.  They could have task assignments, help address issues, contribute documents, conduct reviews, provide subject matter expertise, and more.

You produce reports and status updates on a regular basis.  This is the common weekly email report, PowerPoint, or Excel spreadsheet that is static and usually out of date the minute after it’s sent.

You collaborate.  Meaning you need input, feedback, and ideas shared among team members to help make decisions, address problems, and in general reach your goals.

You wear several hats, or have responsibility for more than one group and area of your business.  If so, you likely manage multiple projects of different types.

Get out of the box!

You may have started to manage project type work in SharePoint.  If so, congratulations, you have one foot out of the box.  However the CorasWorks PPM may open you up to a new world of organization, access, visibility, communication, and productivity that you didn’t know was possible.

Here’s a short video of how I, the non-project guy, set up a project for training updates using the CorasWorks PPM.

Happy viewing. After watching the videos, if you’d like more information, email us at

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