Just In Time Video Training and Support for SharePoint

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

It could be worth the difference between answering a users question quickly and effectively or having them continue to struggle and escalate their frustration.

Question:  How do I create a CorasWorks Actions Library?
Answer:  View this 3 minute video.

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Now the embedded video in this blog is rendered in a smaller viewing area for the purpose of providing an example, however users would have a larger player to clearly see the content and access controls to pause, fast forward, and replay the video.

CorasWorks uses Jing, a free product from TechSmith

The video was produced using a free product from TechSmith called Jing.  Individuals can set up an account and download Jing to their desktop.   The product allows users to capture all or a portion of their screen and record up to 5 minutes of video.  Saved video content is stored on Screencast.com, where there are a number of options for managing your videos.

After producing a video, users have options such as pasting the link into an email or embedding code into a blog, pdf, or other document for viewing.  CorasWorks uses Jing to create video content that is used by our customer support, training, and product development teams.

Make video lessons accessible to your users

For CorasWorks training and education, we recognize it’s often not enough to have short, standalone video tutorials to demonstrate various “how to’s.”  Therefore we adapted the CorasWorks Cim product to deliver learning centers for our customers on active support and maintenance.

Have a look at how I took this 3 minute video shown above and added it to our Platform Learning Center, along with a job aid, to make it more accessible to our customers.

If you need access to the Learning Center, and you’re active on support and maintenance, email training@corasworks.net.  Use the same email to request more information about creating a learning center for your organization.

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