Bringing Lessons from the Classroom

What does CorasWorks training and education mean to our customers? 

… and how does it help them get more value from our software?  These are questions we frequently ask ourselves and our customers at CorasWorks.  

Historically the answers have gravitated toward the bits and bytes of product features and capabilities, or to the broader “how to’s” related to specific applications and solutions.  And the delivery options have expanded over the years to include workshops, instructor-led classroom training, online learning centers, and “blended” distance learning.  However, today we recognize traditional means aren’t enough, especially in the rapidly evolving world of SharePoint.  So welcome to “From the Classroom,” a blog to bring our various lessons learned from the classroom to you.

The stark reality is that CorasWorks, and its customers, are faced with the enormity of the SharePoint platform and the vast array of “things” being done on it today – with nearly endless possibilities for tomorrow.  It takes me back to an old Microsoft ad campaign “Where do you want to go today?”  Now choices are a good thing, but pose the challenge of where to start, or what’s next, and how to get there?.  

Depending on your role in the organization you’ll have different destinations.  If you’re an executive or senior manager, you’re likely looking to classic goals such as increasing productivity, reducing cost, improving responsiveness to customers, avoiding downtime, or other measurable outcomes that increase the bottom line.  All of which are important.  If you’re an information worker, your goals probably include making work easier, more enjoyable, and more manageable so you can get things done.  All of which are important.  Whatever your role, it’s important that you know where you want to go so we can help you get there.

But the direction isn’t always clear.  In the classroom, we’re able to bring some clarity through the structure of course agendas and objectives, lessons, exercises, and reviews.  In the blog posts to follow I’ll surface various training topics, lessons, student questions and comments, and other information with the goal of helping our readers both see what’s possible to help establish some direction, and connect the dots to facilitate getting there.  I look forward to your comments and interactions to make “From the Classroom” a beneficial read and educational experience.

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