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Celebrate the Release of v11.2

Come join us and your fellow CorasWorks customers for the celebration of our latest release – CorasWorks v11.2.

Learn about the many new features and improvements that will help rock your SharePoint world – not to mention make you and your organization more productive, make life easier, and do it all faster and better than before.

In the video below, our COO Dan Naselius takes you on a tour of what’s new in the release, he shows v11.2 in action, and shares the whys and hows v11.2 will make a difference. Topics found in the video navigation include the following (note the product has to be fast to get through all this content in less than an hour):

  • Agenda
  • Goals of v11.2
    • Faster and Easier
    • What is v11.2
    • What are Widgets
    • Customer Roles
  • Basic Component Demo
    • The Site Owner
    • Adding a Widget
    • My Work Widget
    • End User Enablement
    • Reporting
    • Multiple Displays per Page
    • Fine Tuning a Widget
    • Reuse and the Gallery
    • New – Default Views and Actions
    • Adding Default Actions
    • Making Changes Made Easy
    • Summary of Basic Components
  • Managed Metadata Services
  • Advanced Component Overview
    • New – XML Editor
    • Visualize CorasWorks
  • New Help System
  • Improved Learning Center Access
  • Ongoing Education
  • Summary
  • Product Roadmap
  • Questions and Answers

Tips for viewing the video:  Hovering your mouse over the bottom of the player provides controls to pause, increase/decrease volume, or view in full screen mode.  Use the video’s table of contents to navigate to specific topics of interest.  Clicking outside the video area collapses the table of contents.

I’ll have the CorasWorks Essentials training updated for the May class to include the new features, so visit our website at to register for training.


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